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Kids Life Studio® Marketing Toolkit

Excited to start coaching children and earn an income BUT you don't want to spend time building a brand. This package is for you! Using our Kids Life Studio® brand, you will be able to quickly and easily launch your Kids Life Coaching practice with our marketing toolkit. 

If you have recently completed your Level 3 Kids Life Coach Certification, then you are eligible to apply to use our plug and play Kids Life Studio® marketing toolkit. As a certified coach, you would have already been provided with all of the branded coaching templates to use in your client sessions. This marketing toolkit is an added benefit as you will gain access to using our fast track marketing materials to quickly and effectively launch your coaching practice with children using our brand. 

Benefits of this marketing toolkit:

  • Marketing resources for brand building with a 90-day quick start package 
  • Permission to use all Kids Life Studio® Intellectual Property,
  • Access to new maintenance session ideas, marketing toolkits and coaching tools
  • Area Based Directory listing and personalised web page*
  • Use of online Lifestyle Assessment Tool on Kids Life Studio® website with personal access to client assessment data analysis and backend storage system
  • Leverage of credibility through a strong brand presence

What you'll get when you invest into this toolkit:

  • 90-day quick start launch plan
  • Social media campaigns
  • Business card template
  • Pull-up Banner template
  • Flyer templates
  • Posters
  • Studio decor templates 
  • Personalised Web Page
  • Lifestyle Assessment Coach Dropdown Menu & Backend Storage System

Setting up a new coaching practice may seem like a lot to do, but the fact is that if you strategically plan your time to prioritise and tackle this with our Quickstart package using our Kids Life Studio® brand, you will easily be setup within the next 90 days and be earning an income.

*Please note that this opportunity is only applicable if you opt for continued professional supervision by enrolling in our membership opportunity at $650 per annum.  

 If you are thinking about taking advantage of this quick start package, but still have questions please mail [email protected]


Quickstart package to launch your Kids Life Studio® Coaching practice

This package is for Kids Life Studio® Certified Coaches who want to launch their coaching practice quickly and easily using a reputable brand. With a 90-day marketing plan and all the tools and resources needed to launch a Kids Life Studio® space, this opportunity is for you if you are interested in fast tracking your launch and doing what you do best and that is coaching children.

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