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Portfolio of Evidence Submission

As the global leader in Kids Life Coach Training, it is important to equip you to be able to transfer and apply what you learn in your training into real-life situations. This is the reason why we hope this will be unlike any training you have done before! We don’t believe in a power balance of theory that outweighs practical. In our experience knowledge is something that anybody can acquire, but to truly be effective as a Kids Life Coach, is about how you apply what you have learnt.

We promise to give you the skills and tools to coach children successfully, but this is reliant on you working towards developing and expanding your own mindset and skill set. We don’t want you to cruise through our training just so that you can be a mediocre coach. For us the words World-Class and Kids Life Coach cannot be separated and so we want you to strive to think, understand and apply what you learn with authority! You can expect experiential learning that will equip you for this and for you to do your best, you will need to use some high-level thinking that involves self-directed research. Your personal departure point will be based on your own past level of knowledge.

Participating in our scaffolded training allows you to gain the knowledge, skills and tools you need to quickly and easily launch your Kids Life Coaching practice. Due to the fact that our training at Kids Life Studio® is personalised and mentorship driven, we offer this opportunity for you to submit a portfolio of evidence to obtain feedback, verify your skills and to be issued your accredited certificates. This will give you the opportunity to be verified and to join a professional accrediting body.

It is mandatory to submit your Level 2 Theory training Portfolio of Evidence if you are interested in pursuing your Kids Life Coach Certification.  For final certification and to receive personalised feedback on coaching competence, you will need to submit proof of evidence for your Level 3 Kids Life Coach Certification.  

Level 2 Theory Portfolio of Evidence:

To become a certified Kids Life Studio® Coach you are required to submit a Level 2 Theory Portfolio of Evidence that verifies your competence in basic theoretical knowledge relating to Kids Life Coaching and our Play Based Coaching System® that underpins it. You will need to demonstrate that you have a solid theoretical foundation in place and that you meet our criteria for working with children.

To obtain your Level 2 Certificate and to get the verification to continue to your Level 3 Training, you will need to submit:

  • Curriculum Vitae/Resume (previous experience with children not essential)
  • Professional Reference
  • Personal Reference
  • Essay
  • Assessment 


Level 3 Certification Portfolio of Evidence:

The main purpose of your Level 3 training was to be able to understand and apply your Level 2 Kids Life Coaching Theory into real-life situations. Your final portfolio of evidence feedback is intended to give you a summary of how far you have come and to highlight your areas of strength along with your areas for development.  Through participating in your case study coaching sessions, you will be involved in experiential learning, and after submission, you will receive a personalised feedback session with a Master Coach to map out a strategy for future coaching success.  

You will need to demonstrate specific skills that verify you are competent coaching children. Examples of evidence can be, but is not limited to:

  • Internal documentation such as letters, emails, reports, photos
  • Child Assessments/Behavioural interviews
  • Meeting/Coaching Session notes
  • Testimonials and references from others who witness your attainments
  • Visual/Audio recordings
  • Written Reports
  • Coaching Records
  • Recordings of coaching sessions
  • Web based Research
  • Legalities/Child Safeguarding
  • Additional Qualifications/Professional Development
  • Examples of your work

On certification, you will receive a PDF certificate and a verification badge for use on your website or social media with your own unique certification number. 




Kids Life Coach Training Portfolio of Evidence

Please submit your Portfolio of Evidence within 14 days after which access will no longer be available. 

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