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Level 3: Advanced Kids Life Coach Certification

Become a Kids Life Studio® Advanced Coach and get everything you need to boost your income and career quickly and ethically.  Use our well established brand to boost your credibility and remove hours upon hours of figuring things out for yourself with our "done for you" package. 

Hi, I'm Zelna Lauwrens, founder of The Kids Life Studio® Global Group and developer of all online programmes on this Kids Life Coach Academy School. 

Over my past 18 years as a Kids Life Coach and having trained thousands of adults to use my methods since 2009,  -- I noticed ONE THING that sets successful coaches apart from those who don't get results. 

I started to discern WHY some people did my training, practiced my system, used my brand, got results but after a year or two gave up.  I took a deep dive into what makes people start out eager to support children but then lose their sparkle. 

I have noticed the same thing in all of these coaches. Life stepped in the way and because of this they stopped accessing our very active support and mentorship service we offer.

By choosing to walk the road on their own, I noticed that their mindset slipped, they focused on the wrong things and they ended up feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.

I noticed that they chose to become "lone rangers" intent on working from a space of ego rather than being humble and serving children!

"MY COACHING PRACTICE IS NOT WORKING! I AM NOT GETTING CLIENTS!" they say....just before they give up...

I can tell you now that if I have managed to run a coaching practice since 2003, then you can too.  The only thing that will make you fail is YOU! 

What this will mean is that you will need to get stuck in and be a lifelong learner! Your training never stops...(you don't want to be a mediocre coach do you?) but it will be ongoing so that you can stay ahead of the pack!

To be a children's change maker, you will need to put the time in. Yes there you have it..what makes some Kids Life Coaches succeed and others not is GRIT AND DETERMINATION.

This is HARD WORK...but when like me, you dedicate your calling to making a difference to children you will need to think out of the box and go the extra mile!

So do you have what it takes to be a world-class Kids Life Coach and be selected to join our team as a brand ambassador?

  • Are you the kind of person who likes to work as a team?
  • Do you understand the value of surrounding yourself with like-minded professionals who support your growth?
  • Is coaching and mentorship important to you?
  • Do you find it important to stand a head above the crowd and offer quality above quick fixes?
  • Does learning make you excited and are you interested in ongoing research and ways to get better results?
  • Do you have the experience you need to make a success?

So come on...You've already attended courses, read the books, listened to podcasts, joined groups. I know that you are already an eager scholar of all things personal development for children...

You already know the value of spending time mobilising your strengths rather than wasting time trying to puzzle everything together. 

You know you have a natural rapport with children and that you can make a success of this venture otherwise you wouldn't be reading this right now!

It is obvious that you have seen the glaring need and you know you have a heart for supporting children. I can understand that you could probably do this on your own but just like I was when I started in 2003, you feel confused at the clutter that is out there.  What works and what doesn't? 

I know that you are yearning to shift gears in your career and really be an CHANGE MAKER in supporting children in your community.  With a proven system that when applied will get measurable results time and again!

This is where I come in!

Having worked with children as a teacher, counsellor and Kids Life Coach for over two decades, I have felt just like you. Full of passion and energy and lots of generalised knowledge but once upon a time, I didn't have a clue where to start either!

You don't have to build a business from scratch like I did. Figuring out how to build websites, design business cards, market yourself. You won't have to make the mistakes I made through trial and error.  You most certainly won't have to struggle like I did...I can fast track you to success through sharing my already established Kids Life Studio® Brand with you!

The place to start this journey is on our Level 1:  Kids Life Coach Theory Training if you haven't done so already!  After this, you need to pursue the practical application in your Level 2: Kids Life Coach Certification. If you successfully complete these, then you can join us as a Kids Life Studio® Brand Ambassador and complete this Level 3 Training.


This brand ambassador opportunity is for passionate people who want to learn how to work with children or are already working with children. You will need to undergo a screening process as we hand pick our team of Change makers for children!

Initially you will enrol and participate in your Level 1 & Level 2 Training (you can pop over there right now and start!) and once complete we will step you up to this Kids Life Studio® Brand Ambassador membership where you will get further Advanced Coach training and support and also more group coaching programmes for families!

Okay, I'm not going to lie here, it is going to take work....

I am not about quick fixes and I value your commitment to quality and strategic learning. I make no excuses for the fact that if you want the easy route, then this may not be the opportunity for you!  I am looking for people who are action takers and change makers, not excuse makers!

I know that my years of curriculum planning as a teacher in the classroom and then as a University Lecturer and as an entrepreneur and business owner, have positioned me perfectly to give you a unique training experience that gets practical results. I am all about quality and results and this is why I am an advisor on Global Policy making, relating to mental health in children. 

This is not a franchise, but it is an affiliate opportunity to be a Kids Life Studio® Brand Ambassador.  More than 75% of your time will be spent building your coaching practice, meaning that you’ll learn concepts and immediately put them into action. Rather than you reinventing the wheel, we will support you with everything from putting together a tangible coaching toolkit, promotional plans, administration templates and research and resource data bases.

What makes this unique is that I have based my training and mentorship on what really works and not what is good in theory but impossible to effectively implement.  I invest a lot of time and energy into our team because we strive to be world-class Kids Life Coaches and succeed beyond expectations. 

I have seen so many people come to me having trained elsewhere or tried to build their own brand without success. They have struggled and realised the hard way how many moving parts there are to starting a Kids Life Coaching practice. They breath a sigh of relief when they eventually realise how much time they save just because they were given access to the Kids Life Studio® brand!  

Here is my promise to you!  
My mission is to create the largest global network of reputable and ethical Kids Life Studio® Advanced Coaches (that's you...after completing this training!) We aim to be the GO-TO service provider for parents who understand the value of quality and sustainable results! Any parent visiting our Kids Life Coach directory on our website knows they are getting quality support for their children. 
So what will this training look like?
Well once you have completed your Level 1 & Level 2 Training, you will be ready to embark on your Level 3 training. What follows exclusively for our hand picked team around the world, is pure magic and will set you up for financial success!

You will also participate in additional self paced online training:

Module 1 - Kids Life Coaching as a Kids Life Studio® representative 

This module is about ensuring that all of your templates, coaching resources and tools are in place. Not only that...but we will get your mind right to truly be a world-class representative in your community. 

Module 2 - Sharing the Zeal

This module orientates you on laying the foundation for opening your Kids Life Studio® space so that you can confidently launch in your community. You will look at the where, who, how's and what's of this opportunity.

Module 3 - Prior to Launch

Your questions relating to preparing your budget, timeline and setup relating to the practical sides of opening your Kids Life Studio® space will be tackled this week. 

Module 4- Getting the word out

There is nothing worse than having all the theory and a coaching programme in place but when your doors open and you are met with the sound of crickets.  This module introduces our easy 6 tiered method process to market yourself. 

Module 5 - Building your business

For some, this side of starting a Kids Life Coaching practice comes easily but for most this needs a strategic plan. In this module, you will put the systems in place that will ensure you offer professional services and have clients lining up outside your door.

Module 6 - Family Coaching

In your initial Level 2 Training, you would have been introduced to our Individual coaching programme. This module now introduces you to our well recognised resilience building programmes which involves the whole family.  These group coaching opportunities allow you to maximise your income rather than only work 1-1. Our group resilience building programmes are exclusively for our Kids Life Studio® brand ambassadors and this extended opportunity allows you to extend your reach. 

Module 7 - Consolidating your Purpose

Once you have all the nuts and bolts for running your own Kids Life Studio® Coaching practice in place, you will be guided in this personal development module, to find clarity on the reason behind why you chose Kids Life Coaching as a career.  

Module 8 - Building your Personal Brand 

In this module, you will build your personal confidence and learn the art of selling your services as a Kids Life Studio® Brand Ambassador. Despite having a strong reputable brand to back you up, this module shows you the importance of how you position yourself. 

Module 9 - Focusing on your Competence 

To be a world-class Kids Life Coach is all about understanding the value of quality coaching. When it comes to children's well-being, mediocrity is not an option, so you will focus on sharpening your skills and refining your competence. 

Module 10 - Mapping our your Blueprint 

As the founder of The Kids Life Studio®, I will offer you a unique 1-1 coaching session where I walk you through the steps to map out your own unique blueprint for setting up your successful Kids Life Coaching practice.  This happens after you have completed this module, where you will create a unique blueprint for your overall success.  

Module 11 - Speaking your Passion  

To be considered an expert in the field, you will need to not only refine your skills and map out your blueprint, but you will need to share your passion with conviction. This module gives you the guidance to speak to large group audiences on the topic of Kids Life Coaching with confidence and purpose. 

Module 12 - Moving Forward with your Vision 

In this final module of your Level 3 Advanced Coach Training, you will embark on a Research project in an area of your choice.  This is intended to refine your niche and position you as an expert in that area.  This research will take approximately 6 - 12 months and during this time, you will be partnered with a professional researcher to mentor you.  

Ongoing -  Building your Coaching Practice

Once you have certified as a Level 2: Kids Life Studio® Coach you will be enrolled in a 6-session personalised coaching programme of your own.  During these sessions, you will work with a Master Coach that has uniquely been chosen to suit your needs and you will also get a mentorship session with me to discuss your blueprint for success.  Every week, our global team also meets up for a Monday Mastermind session where you will be engaged in growing your business through the advice and collective wisdom of our team. 

My team and I personally invest our time into making you a world-class Kids Life Coach! You won't get this in ANY other Kids Life Coach Certifications offered out there! This is my secret sauce...shhhhh...don't tell anybody....

Our coaching, mentorship and input will support you in learning and growing as a Kids Life Studio® Advanced Coach and will take you to one step closer to the next level of coaching that has the potential to certify you as a Level 4 Kids Life Studio® Master Coach.

Now wait for it....This is the yummy part....after you have finished your initial Level 1, 2 & 3 training, we get your mind geared towards how to build a sustainable Kids Life Coaching practice using our reputable Kids Life Studio® brand. You will receive ongoing additional training and marketing toolkits every month that introduce you to the concepts of group coaching and how to market yourself and all those good things that will set you apart and raise you to world-class status! 

What's next?

This opportunity is only for you if you are serious about going the extra mile and you understand the value of peer to peer learning, masterminding and ongoing training. We are looking for team players who are genuine change makers and who understand the value of collaboration. There is also a substantial investment of your time and financial resources so please only approach us if you are ready to make a decision to be a true children's change maker and you already have a solid academic foundation in place. 

If this isn't for you, and you are happy to go it alone...that's okay to! You can simply enrol in the Level 1 & 2  Kids Life Coach Training and pursue your career as a Kids Life Coach independently.  If you haven't as yet got the financial resources to invest in this brand ambassador opportunity, we recommend you start and progress your way up to this Level 3 training.

If you decide that it is important for you to be endorsed by our organisation and become a Kids Life Studio® Brand Ambassador...then click here to complete your application and setup a time to speak to me. (Please only do this if you are serious about taking action and you are willing to invest your time and financial resources) 

This is entirely for CHANGE MAKERS who are serious about being a career coach for children and who will support us in our mission to make Kids Life Coaching mainstream!

Please click here to apply to be a Kids Life Studio® Brand Ambassador. Please ensure that you feel confident that you have enough funds available to invest in this opportunity before doing so. The fee for the full package of Level 1, 2 & 3 training when paid in advance is $9500. If paid individually it is:

Level 1 Kids Life Coach Theory Training: $1500

Level 2 Kids Life Coach Certification $4500

Level 3: Kids Life Coach Advanced Certification $6000  

Level 4: No up front investment fee required. On invitation only basis. 

I look forward to you being a KIDS LIFE COACHING CHANGE MAKER!  We are on hand to speak you through this process if you submit your application to become a Kids Life Studio® Brand Ambassador. 

Please mail our team with any questions or fill in your application and setup a time to speak to us! 

Regards with Zeal,

Zelna Lauwrens

Kids Life Studio® & Kids Life Coach Academy Founder

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