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The 3 things that will make you an expert as a Kids Life Coach

Uncategorized Mar 10, 2021

It absolutely amazes me how so many people profess to be a “Child Wellbeing Expert” and “Kids Life Coach”. They are well meaning and obviously have a BIG heart for helping children. But....does this make them an expert?

Come on, you need more than a short course online to become an expert! Also you simply cannot do an adult life coaching course and think you can coach children successfully! Not to mention that if somebody has never even been exposed to children or had any experience, it will take them extra long to be considered an "expert".

So what makes you an expert as a Kids Life Coach?

Well for me it boiled down to these 3 things for me:

  1. Ask for help:  When I started coaching almost two decades ago, I had already attended a multitude of courses and I had two degrees - one in teaching and in psychology of education. Yet....nothing seemed to make 100% sense because I had a whole lot of puzzle pieces but I didn't know what the bigger picture looked like? There was nobody to follow...nobody back then to help me follow this path. I had to figure it out for myself. You have the opportunity to actually follow somebody else and learn from them without having to struggle like I did! 
  2. Be a lifelong learner:  I have never stopped learning since the day I started my Bachelor of Education degree in 1992! Currently I am doing my dissertation for my Masters in Clinical Child Psychology in Cambridge AND working full-time. Why? Because I have always had a passion for removing psychiatric labels from children and I decided that to "beat" the system, I had to "join" the system. The point is that I have always valued my education highly. One of the things I encourage all of our Kids Life Studio® brand ambassadors to do, is to keep on learning and refining their niche area so that they can become experts. I also love hosting our monthly mastery training sessions and seeing our coaches improve their skills set. 
  3. Never be complacent: I have seen far too many coaches get lazy. There I have said it like it is! When you start getting results and client testimonials, it becomes easy to pick up new business - usually with very little effort. Referrals and word of mouth for any expert kids life coach is the "bread and butter" of their coaching practice. Yet...that doesn't mean you should stop marketing! I give our brand ambassadors a 6 level marketing system and this includes simple things like writing articles, hosting competitions and of course posting on social media. An expert never gets complacent! This of course extends to point 2 above...about being a lifelong learner. You should always keep on your toes with the latest research and new books and tools and resources. 

So do you have these 3 things in place? Are you willing to work for your place as a world-class Kids Life Coach? I did? The fact is that since 2003, I have been improving and defining and refining my skills. I am a different coach now to when I first started! The reason is because I have always "asked for help", I have continued "learning" and most of all I have never ever become "complacent". 

If you are already coaching children and you want to take the next steps to being a world-class Kids Life Coach, you can join our Members network for weekly mentorship and resources and tools.

If you are not yet coaching children and frantically trying to figure things out...STOP! You don't have to do it alone! Ask for help...that is why we are here. The Kids Life Coach Academy was created to support you in your journey towards become an expert kids life coach. Our job is to fast track you and make the process easy. So click here to enrol in our Level 1 Theory Training or feel free to make an appointment with a certifications consultant to discuss how you can become a Kids Life Studio Level 2 Coach or a Level 3 Advanced Coach.

I look forward to supporting you in your journey to becoming a world-class Kids Life Coach!

Regards with Zeal,


Kids Life Studio® & Kids Life Coach Academy Founder




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