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The 3 Types of Kids Life Coaches

Uncategorized Jul 28, 2020

So many amazing students go through our training programmes and some excel and others don't! We have found and identified through experience that there are three types of Kids Life Coaches:

1. The independent coach who is a "gatherer" and a "taker":

This is the type of Kids Life Coach who wants to learn so they do as many trainings, courses and certifications as they possibly can. Their aim is to "take" what they can and to then launch their own brand...They usually do this by modifying and passing off other peoples intellectual property as their own...Don't worry...we have had very few of these come through our training....but yes...this is not the kind of coach we want as part of our network. We soon realise that they don't like working as part of a team and they certainly don't like giving anybody else credit for their "achievements." Their ego is big and they usually schmooze their way into our network to see how much intel they can gather to launch their own "idea". They want to make a difference to children, but they are very interested in how much attention they can get for themselves as an "influencer" in the process.  They usually want a quick fix and haven't put in the work for sustainability and to build their expertise but they fast track themselves to see quick financial gain.  Sad but true...Not many of these rare breed...but yes...they are out there!

2.  The independent coach who is "innovative" and "savvy":

This is the type of Kids Life Coach who does our training because they share in our mission. Their big WHY is genuine and they truly have a desire to be a children's change maker. They choose to be independent and work under their own brand but they also like and value the comfort and support of being part of a team. They contribute and add value where they can and they always try to give more than they take. They are go-getters and they aren't scared of trying new things but they always give credit where due because they know that the only way forward is to "lean on the shoulders of giants" as lifelong learners.  Their ego is small and their desire and commitment to personal development is strong for all the right reasons. They are a constant work in progress and they are always doing what it takes to better themselves so that they can better their results.  They measure their success by the success of the children they coach. We love seeing these types of coaches excel when we see them in the media or winning awards or publishing books because they are a true voice for children...unattached to ego and only attached to the outcome of raising the profile of coaching for children collectively as a mental wellbeing solution. They lift others up along the way and we are proud to associate with them!

3. The collaborative coach who is a "team player" and "dream builder":

This is the type of Kids Life Coach who does our training because they share in our collective BIG dream. They become a Kids Life Studio Brand Ambassador because they have a desire to be part of the change that needs to happen in our current system.  They have very high standards and they hold themselves to those standards because the payoff to them is about children being offered world-class Kids Life Coaching.  They are not scared of being held accountable and they strive to position themselves as experts by putting in the hard work and getting the necessary experience under their belt.  They don't always get it right and sometimes they drop the ball....but these coaches are TRUE lifelong learners and keen on collaboration and connection and they see relationships with other Kids Life Studio Brand Ambassador coaches as  one of the key drivers for their success.  They are innovative and creative and they love to share their ideas and in the process of building themselves they build their team. They are career coaches who walk the walk and talk the talk as loyal Kids Life Studio Brand Ambassadors and it isn't about the logo...but about the results. They publish research papers, speak at conferences and are positioned as experts in the media...with the end outcome being to not only raise the profile of Kids Life Coaching globally but to also raise the profile of their colleagues and team members (we like to call them Team Zealers!) They share the understanding that when they personally excel all Brand Ambassadors excel together alongside them! This collective collaboration is a fantastic formula for success but it also isn't for everybody...because this is the kind of coach who makes no excuses and who works hard consistently.  They are in it to win it and they are serious career coaches who truly want to leave a legacy for children. 


The good news is this....if you are coach 2...which you probably are if you are reading this...we have a new level of support we are launching from 1 August 2020.  This is due to numerous requests and we hope that it will add value to your work as a Kids Life Coach! 

This Kids Life Coach membership is designed in such a way that you get a new tools and resources each month to add to your Kids Life Coaching toolbox because you understand the value of learning!

So what do you get each month?  

  • Recordings - this is of other coaches doing their thing! get to learn from our network of Kids Life Studio certified coaches! You will hear an actual coaching session taking place. What better way to learn than to hear real-time coaching. 
  • Case Studies - we will share success stories of what worked and what didn't work. This way you will be able to re-engineer how you move forward in your own coaching. 
  • Resources - you will get new ideas for practical play based activities to use in your coaching sessions. These are in a handy alphabetical A to Z format so that you can access resources quickly and easily. This includes many areas like anger, bullying, friendships, divorce...we aim to help you build up a data base so that you can make quick and easy impact.
  • Training - we believe whole heartedly in mindset work being the cornerstone to the success of any world-class Kids Life Coach. As role models, it is important to walk the walk and talk the talk. Our monthly recordings will give you the opportunity to add to your own personal development toolkit. Alongside this, we want you to have a financially sustainable Kids Life Coaching we will share insights into how to grow your clients, maximise your impact and carve out your niche.
  • Book Recommendations - We continually scan and read the latest books relating to childhood. We will give you insight into these and give you a monthly book club recommendation to keep you inspired and educated. 
  • Research - if you want to be in the know when telling people what you do, then you need to have your finger on the pulse with regards to the latest research relating to neuroscience, child development and psychology.  You will get the opportunity to explore:
    • Positive Psychology,
    • Social Psychology,
    • Neuro-Linguistic Programming,
    • Life Coaching,
    • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy,
    • Emotional Intelligence

There is an added bonus!!!

If you have completed your Level 1 & Level 2 Training with us already....and you have certified as a Kids Life Studio® Coach, you ALSO get these EXTRA perks AT NO EXTRA FEE as an affiliate of our organisation:

  • Branding - Permission to use the Kids Life Studio® Logo (exclusively or in conjunction with your own brand on your personal website and on all of your associated marketing materials)
  • Area Based Directory listing - on the Kids Life Studio® Website with a logo of endorsement
  • Client Data Storage system - Personalised Website Assessment Tool with client data analysis and storage system
  • Global Support Network - Membership to our Kids Life Studio Childrens Change Makers private Facebook group.  Here you will connect with other Children's Change Makers from around the globe who will bring their insights and personal experiences in coaching children which will assist you in further learning and growing.
  • Live Group Coaching - Weekly live Thinking Thursday Mindset Sessions to discuss clients and business building opportunities. To help you in your growth, you will have access to this private live Question & Answer call so that you can ask us anything related to the children you are coaching or to building your sustainable coaching practice.
  • Monthly Newsletter - with additional tools and resources and insights into the backend workings of how to successfully coach children. 

If you are a Level 3 Advanced get EVEN MORE get access to this additional membership for FREE as part of your $75 per month affiliate fee! Way to go!! This is part of your August Toolkit so be sure to look for your 100% off voucher so that you can access this membership!

Here is my promise to you!  No matter how you intend to use this membership....whether it is a Level 2 Trained Kids Life Studio® Affiliate using your own brand or as a Kids Life Studio Brand Ambassador using our brand or as an independent Kids Life Coach using another brand....

Our unique approach and support will ensure that you will have everything you need to run your successful Kids Life Coaching practice month to month without having to figure things out on your own.
So if this is for you...all you have to do is click on this link and take advantage of our 1 day free trial on our Kids Life Coach Academy Membership site. If you choose to go ahead, you will be charged $600 per annum and thereafter, you will be billed on the same date each year. Easy peasy!! The best part is that you get our ongoing support but still with the flexibility of using your own brand if you choose! 

I cannot tell you how excited we are to FINALLY be launching this new support membership! Our certified Kids Life Studio® coaches asked...we listened...and on 1 August will be official! You will have a Kids Life Coach Toolkit at your disposal to make sure you stay on track to becoming the world-class Kids Life Coach that children deserve!

Sending much love your way and looking forward to supporting you further! 

Regards with Zeal


Kids Life Studio & Kids Life Coach Academy Founder



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